My favorite places !!! : )

I have visited so much places. Some of my favorite ones are :

Florida because I got to swim with dolphins. Florida has a pretty hot climate. It has palm trees which is also a reason why I love Florida. Florida has really big beaches. The sun is always there, so if you get to go to that place … Don’t hesitate. Just go for it !


By: Reinhard Link


Another place I really loved was California. The climate is also hot. It can rain though. It has mountains including the Hollywood mountains. I love them !!! I also went to the Hollywood Studios. It’s awesome. Go over there and you will have the best time ever !!!



By: Shinya Suzuki


  1. Ever since I was in elementary school, I’ve wanted to go to California. I love hot weather and beaches. How would you rate your visit to California, at 10 being best and 1 being worst?

  2. Hi my name is Harriet and I am from Australia.

    That was a very interesting post!

    I value how you you added photos and talked about what you did on your holiday. I have never been to those places but I have been to many other places around the world.

    How old are you? Where do you come from?

    this is my blog

  3. Hi my name is Emma! How many times have you been to California? I want to go to California so bad!! When I graduate from high school I’m going to visit California for a month at least, to see the Hollywood sign and the famous places there! It’s just a big dream of mine! Thank you for sharing your blog and I hope you come and check out my blog at

  4. Hey Emma,
    I’ve only been once to California and it was that time. Yeah you definitely need to go there !

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